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With the Kurtz BOX FOAMER you will reach new dimensions in regard to box production. Due to its low-mass design this completely new mould technology achieves cycle times and energy savings you have ever dreamed about. The basis for the development of this mould technology was the constant demand of processors for process innovations. As the process efficiency is significantly determined by the mould a perfect coordination of mould technology and the machine is the main focus.

Optimal Mould Activation

In order to ensure an effective mould activation the machine has to be equipped and optimised correspondingly. The Kurtz BOX FOAMER meets these requirements in an excellent way and in combination with its innovative mould technology it results in shortest cycle times and an impressive energy saving. Thus you can increase productivity tremendously thus contributing to sustainability. Kurtz once again demonstrates that innovations in regard to mould technology are consequently progressed and developed to the market for their customer´s benefit.

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