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With Infinergy™ BASF SE offers the first expandable TPU (E-TPU) in the world. This innovative material is elastic and flexible like rubber but as light as a feather. It combines the characteristics of TPU with the advantages of particle foams, standing out by low density, high elasticity and perfect resilience.

The Kurtz ENERGY FOAMER is the first and only shape moulding machine enabling an optimized process operation and field-tested serial production with E-TPU. Special filling technologies and steaming variants secure a continuous production despite the narrow processing window.

ENERGY FOAMER in use at Global Player

The machine technology of the Kurtz ENERGY FOAMER is already being used with great success in a special large scale customer application. Kurtz machines produce the revolutionary finished products of a global player for the complete world market. In a close cooperation with the customer and the Infinergy producer BASF SE, the productivity and energy efficiency could essentially be optimised. This marks a further example of the successful realisation of the "Blue Competence"-challenges.

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