Machine for the production of roller shutter casings

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More favourable than previous production methods

Various models that differ in insulation thickness, height, roller shutter diameter and geometry can be realised with only a few moulds. The insulation thickness can be adjusted infinitely and fully automatically on the outside of the roller shutter casing. The total concept consisting of special machine and moulds is much more favourable than other production methods and ensures a short ROI.

A vertical machine of type K 761 V was developed with steam chamber dimensions of 700 x 6,100 mm. Its lower steam chamber in "shuttle" design moves to a position where the machine operator can insert the parts ergonomically. Armouring iron and aluminium bands can be put into the mould before filling to receive a product that does not have to be reworked afterwards. Simultaneously to the insertion process, the finished product is put on a table docked on the shuttle. The finished roller shutter casings can also be stacked and palletised automatically by means of subsequent Kurtz linear handling systems.

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