Xenox M100 Plus

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motor-driven mobile DR x-ray system

The Xenox M100 Plus is a fully digital, motor-driven mobile x-ray with an amorphous silicone flat panel. In the Xenox M100 Plus, the High Frequency Stable Operating Technology provides the stability to generate quadrate waves to give better penetration for the tube. The tube and main unit are protected against overheating by a safety circuit that constantly monitors the tube’s heat capacity.

  • 32KW rated power suitable for wide clinical applications
  • Telescopic Arm for different X-Ray positions
  • User-friendly workstation with 19” touch screen Display
  • Advanced APR function
  • Advanced WIFI Flat Panel Technology-Amorphous Silicon
  • 240 exposures with one time battery charge
  • Fast bedside imaging
  • Automatic image processing
  • Multiple peripheries including USB, DICOM
  • Cutting-edge image quality
  • Intelligent anti-collision design
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