Xenox S200

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full-field digital mammography system

Xenox S200 is a full-field digital mammography system complete with control and image acquisition station equipped with a transparent protection screen for the operator.

  • Indirect Conversion detector 
  • Technology: a-Si TFT Array + PIN Photodiode
  • Optional Direct Conversion Full Field Flat Panel Detector  
  • FPD technology: Amorphous Selenium (a-Se)
  • Generator Output Power 5 kW (@ 35 kV)
  • kV range 20 / 35 kV (20/40 kV optional)
  • kV resolution (Man & Auto mode) 0,5 kV
  • Lowest Current Time 1 mAs
  • mAs maximum value 640 mAs
  • mAs resolution (Automatic) 0,1 mAs
  • Exposure Time 02/4.7 s (Automatically selected in function of selected mAs)
  • Safety timer 10s
  • Automatic collimator 18x24 cm/24x30 cm/10x24 for magnification
  • Automatic filtration (Rh/Ag)
  • Display GRAPHIC LCD Display 240x128 dots
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
  • Vertical Movements motorized
  • Motorized Rotation
  • +/- 15° Rotation for biopsy procedure
  • Range of Vertical Movement (from Floor) 75 to 160 cm (travel of 85 cm)
  • Range of C-Arm Rotation +/-180°
  • Speed of C-Arm Rotation in motorized version 90°/8 s with acceleration and deceleration ramp
  • Standard Compression Paddle 18x24/24x30 for normal breasts
  • Optional Compressor Paddle: 8x24 cm with lateral shifting for normal breasts ,9x21 cm straight for magnification, Φ7,5 cm shifted for spot contact examination and 18x24 cm shifted for bidimensional biopsy
  • Optional kit for geometric magnification (1,5x and 2x factor)
  • Removable Potter-Bucky with anti-scatter grid (Ratio 6:1, 36 lp/cm)
  • Compression force adjustable from 70 to 200 N
  • The acquisition station is inclusive of workstation integrated with transparent anti-X protective barrier for operator, acquisition software, 21,3” 2MP colour monitor(3MP optional)
  • Dicom 3.0 connectivity
  • Optional stereotactic biopsy accessory device
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